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Dr. Egon Pfeifer
Phone: +49 (0)365 7353 200

Dr. Stefan Chabierski
Phone: +49 (0) 365 7353 203
Mobilephone: +49 (0) 160 90924283

ASKION C-line® system

The ASKION C-line® system is a flexible, modularly expandable and fully automatable system approach for all current and future requirements in the field of cryotechnology/biobanking.

In this area, ASKION Looks back upon an long-term experience. The ASKION C-line® system was firstly introduced in 2009 (first Generation). Based on the gained experienced, the second Generation was established successfully on the market in 2012.

The customer satisfaction and the success of the product are reflected by more than 70 installations throughtout the world.

Generally the System can be divided into six areas:

ASKION C-line® hermetic storage HS200 S
ASKION C-line® hermetic storage HS200 M/L
ASKION C-line® work bench
ASKION C-line® internal automation
ASKION C-line® external automation
ASKION C-line® control

Discover our modular system approach


  • Fully automated biobank at storage temperatures ≤ -150°C
  • Sample handling at temperatures below -100°C
  • Uninterrupted cooling chain for the whole biobank workflow
  • Continuously sample and system data tracking

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