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Automated Microscopy – hassle-free and economic

ASKION develops a platform for automated fluorescence microscopy


Automated fluorescence microscopy for everybody

Many Laboratories consider upgrading their microscopy workflow to an automated system but shy away from price, complexity and space requirements.

ASKION has set itself the goal to develop a powerful solution which drastically improves accessibility of automated fluorescence microscopy and sets the benchmark regarding price and performance.


Tailor made for your needs

The newly developed Microscopy system will be available in 2022 as white label product for B2B-customers and supports a multitude of routine applications (e. g. cell counting, vitality assays, histology). A stand-alone model with touch based user interface will be complemented by an OEM-version which integrates seamlessly into preexisting lab automation systems.


Key Features:

  • Automated inverse epifluorescence microscope
  • Compact and economic
  • Integrated dark chamber
  • Maintenance-free LED-Illumination
  • 3 fluorescence channels: customizable for multiple wavelengths and dyes
  • Automatic nosepiece: 5x - 40x
  • Automated stage and autofocus, image acquisition and analysis according to preset parameters
  • Product line comprises stand-alone model operated via touch display as well as an OEM Reader capable of being integrated into laboratory automation systems  to achieve high throughput
  • Open platform, customizable to with regard to different optics, sample formats, assays, and software modules 


Who we are

ASKION is a reliable and strong OEM partner for the industrialization of devices, from inception until serial production. Focus is the development, production and service for medical and bioanalytical equipment as well as opto-electronical and fine mechanical modules for different applications.

Benefit from our long-term experience in the development and production of systems for bioanalytical applications including optical excitation and detection for immuno and molecular diagnostics. According to your assay development we design a tailor-made reader including hard- and software for your specific application.

With the ASKION C-line® system, we are a leading supplier for modular and fully automated cryo – biobanking system solutions.

Do you want to learn more about the novel microscopy platform and how it fits your application, please contact us.


Sebastian Opitz
Tel.: +49-365 7353 201