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Who are the people providing best service and quality?

Let's introduce our application team experts!


Nearly everyday we are facing new challenges when planning biobanks for customers or helping them to solve day-to-day issues.

Most of the time we do not consider, who are the people behind this team, that provides excellent service and ensures best quality for our customers.

For this reason - let's introduce our application team. These are the experts answering your questions about the ASKION C-line® system and beyond. Our Team supports you on your biobank/biorepository planning, replies to any technical and software questions, monitors system improvements/updates and provides tips and tricks on how to use your ASKION C-line® system at the best.

To keep this support on the highest level, our application team has been grown continously and moved to their new office at ASKION Gera/Germany. Now all is set to answer your calls and mails and provide service at the highest Level.